Making Windows 10 run fast

August 9, 2016 root News

        Downloads Windows 10 Tweak. After download, rename it to .bat before execution. Windows 10 tweak 2. Execute it using Power Shell as administrator.   Links Original Windows 10 tweak file. Use Event Viewer to find Windows boot time. Reduce Windows 10 high CPU/RAM usage.      


Bioshot is available now!

June 13, 2016 root News

Bioshot is available at Google Play or Amazon! Enjoy!


Beta testing has been done

June 5, 2016 root News

Well, it has been a long time. Finally, beta testing is done with lots of fixes and improvements. Yes, the game is a porting of a J2ME version and many testers suggested enhancements and corrections. Now we are preparing the publishing in google play and, maybe, amazon store. Thanks to all of you for your […]


Beta testing almost done

October 20, 2015 root News

Hi, people! Yes, we are still testing the beta version of Bioshot Android. But it’s almost done. Thank you for your visit! A. Dantas


Beta testing started

July 11, 2015 root News

That is it! We’ve started beta testing. As soon as possible BioShot will be available in Google Play. A. Dantas


Android version alpha testing done

June 27, 2015 root News

Hi! Great news! BioShot alpha version testing is done. Everything seems ok, so we’ll enter beta testing next week. All the stuff on Google Play almost done too. Stay tuned! A. Dantas


Nokia is gone

May 24, 2015 root News

Hi, people! Long, long time no see. I’ve had many issues organizing my own career, so that’s why I had no time at all the last 2 years to posting. But I’ve been working in the Android version all the time and it is almost ready. We are doing some final tests and as soon […]


Bioshot games Android version

September 2, 2013 root News

Hi people! Long time no see… Well, we are a very small team and we had some issues recently so this slow down in the work, but finally, Bioshot Wars is ready. But unfortunately we’ve forced to change plans. You see, by all means J2ME is a dead platform. Even free versions of games have […]


BioShot free demo version

September 24, 2012 root News

Hi there! Get a free demo version of BioShot at Nokia Store.


BioShot Wars news (2)

September 14, 2012 root News

Hi folks! We are still working (hard) on the BioShot Wars game… In the future we are considering developing games only to Android platform. Unfortunately the Java games market is shrinking very fast, so BioShot Wars might be our last Java game. The other reasons are: the process to get a certified Java app is […]


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