BioShot support – Android

General Information
BioShot is a game developed for Android devices. BioShot can also be run on an Android device emulator running on PCs. For more information visit
Minimum requirements
To run, BioShot needs a device with Android version 4.1 or superior. BioShot will not work on tablets.
BioShot runs on various Android devices, but the performance will depend solely on the processing power of the CPU and, when available, the device’s graphics acceleration chips.
In general, the minimum acceptable performance of a game for a mobile device is the one where the screen refresh rate of is not less than about 10 frames per second.
BioShot was tested on numerous devices and showed satisfactory performance in a large number of them. However, for devices with a very high screen resolution the overall performance may not be satisfactory.
To install BioShot please visit the Google Play site and follow the download instructions. After downloading, follow the additional instructions on your mobile device.
BioShot uses the touch screen of a device with the following functions:
Humans and terrestrial vehicles
•    Drag UP: forward movement
•    Drag DOWN: retreat movement
•    Drag LEFT: turn left
•    Drag RIGHT: turn right
•    Touch right bottom corner: fire gun
•    Back button: previous screen
Aerial Vehicles
•    Drag UP: fly DOWN
•    Drag DOWN: fly UP
The other functions are equal to terrestrial vehicles.
At the beginning of each level, the game shows instructions to be followed by the player. As the player progresses, new instructions/tips can be made by game characters.
New levels are available only after a successful completion of the actual level.
Known issues
Some devices do not completely release the memory resources used after a level is completed, causing memory failure error that ends the game. In these cases, the game can be restarted normally from the next level.
The game runs very slowly. What should I do?
Old mobile devices or those that have a very high screen resolution generally do not have a CPU with enough performance to run the game at a satisfying speed. Try another device.
The game does not install. What should I do?
Check that the download was made as per the instructions on the site and if the device’s instructions have also been followed. If not, please uninstall it, verify if there is enough space, download again and follow any additional instructions. If the download and installation instructions were followed correctly, check for error message regarding the minimum requirements. If this is the case, the game needs to be installed on another device.
In any other case, the game is probably not compatible with your device.
The game displays an error during execution. What should I do?
Contact AdtGames support on and inform the level, the operation being performed and the error displayed. We will respond as soon as possible.
For any other technical issue please contact

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